£500 amp and speaker system


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a budget of £500 to put a used amp and 2 speaker system together.

I am looking for a simple, clean and punchy sound. Volume is not as important.

I want to plug a computer into it for music as most of my music is already computerised. The computer sound card I will sort out when I buy the computer later on.

I have always admired my Dads' Rotel RA-400 amp and Rotel speakers. Via another forum the Naim Nait 3 was also suggested along with some Epos or Neat speakers, if I can find them within budget. Although maybe B&W 601 will be a bit cheaper. But I would really prefer some non ported speakers I think, as it is the tightness and depth I am looking for.

However, I am still a little undecided so thought I would see if any one has any alternates.

I must admit I like the Rotel sound as I think it is warm and lively enough for my ear, so something similar to them, hence the Naim suggestion.

Much appreciated,



Hi alreet,

I can't help you with "hardware" proposition since I'm looking for different stuff and sound, but if you are open minded take a look this link:


You seems to have a good idea of what your end result should be, so also go and enjoy a few listenening session in stores with your music. And guess what, exploration it's a big part of the excitment too! :grin: Come back and share your experience!

Not in a rush? Keep an eye on second had.

Good luck and enjoy!


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