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  1. G

    Amp Dilemma

    I have a NAD 355BEE paired to Mezzo 6 floorstanders. In addition to the CD Player (also NAD). I was very happy with the way the combo sounded. The Mezzos are a little inclined towards the brighter side and this gets perfectly balanced by the Amp which tends to have a bias towards the warm. I...
  2. Si O' the Times

    Down the Rabbit Hole...

    I appear to got a little bit lost in the plethora of DAC reviews and discussion on audiosciencereview.Com! I'm looking to upgrade my ageing Dacmagic 100, with something up to £500. Those guys seem to like the SMSL SU-9, SMSL M500 and Topping D30 Pro, but there's always the obvious choice of...
  3. barcpc

    Can you connect a Cambdridge Audio CXC to a CXN and the speakers to the CXN?

    I'm trying to setup my first Hi-Fi, I´m subscribed to Spotify, and have a CD collection. Does this configuration make sense? or do I need a CXA61 amplifier for example. Suggestions, comments are welcome, Thanks,
  4. Shillocks

    Hegel or Cambridge audio

    Hi all I'm after some opinions from more experienced ears. I have been looking to upgrade my current entry level setup. I'm quite keen on getting a streamer/amp and have done a fair bit of research. I have been looking at the Hegel H95 and wondered which would be the better option compared to...
  5. BentInvest

    Can't decide between the Rotel A12 and Cambridge Audio CXA60.

    Hey guys, been lurking here a while so I thought I'd finally make my presence known. I'm looking to buy either the A12 or the CXA60 but having a hard time deciding. I realise the A12 is a bit of a jack of all trades with its added USB input and Phono Stage features over the CXA60 but I'd like...