Sep 27, 2021
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After reading many positive reviews and having good experience with Klipsch speakers in the past, I am 99% certain I will buy a pair of the RP-8000F.

Now it's just a question of what amplifier to pair it with.

The problem here is budget. I live in Mexico and most amps are twice the price of what they are in the US. I was thinking of the Cambridge Audio CXA81, but it's $2000 here. The next step down, the CXA61, is $1500. Then I found the Cambridge Audio AXA35 (35w per channel) which is $600 here ($350 in the US). Would this be good enough to power these speakers? Or would you say if I can't afford something like the CXA81 that I would be better off with cheaper, less powerful speakers?

I don't intend to listen overly loud.