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May 16, 2021
Hi everyone!

This is HifiEnthusiast, nice to e-meet all of you!

Figured that I lurked in Hifi Forums for too long and that the time has finally come for me to be an active member and share the ups and downs of my Hi-Fi journey with those interested. Especially that only recently have I joined the Hi-Fi family through acquisition of a somewhat decent gear that I'll present in another thread. I'm enjoying very watt of it but can't help but think about what's next, how to make it better... I guess it's all about the journey, right? :)

Very quick word about myself... in my early thirties, I'm an amateur pianist, love all types of music, hi-fi (you don't say?!), home-theater, gaming, cars and sailing.

My approach to Hi-Fi is no bs investment and only on what matters. I'll spend most of my money, time and energy on getting first the speakers and acoustics right, then the matching dac-preamp-amp, and then maybe I'll think about the rest, including super fancy speaker cables, AC cables, power regenerators, "hifi" racks, etc. Don't get me started on "hifi" optical cables... Don't get me wrong. I'm not staying this latter stuff doesn't have an impact on sound quality. All I'm saying is as long as I'm on a budget, I'll always choose to upgrade my speakers, acoustics and amp first.
I also think a sub is a must unless you own speakers with integrated subs, which is rarely the case. If you don't want a sub, then you might as well remove the tweeter. Stupid? maybe. But after having tried with and without sub, I'll never go back.

Quite some controversial topics thrown at y'all already :)

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Welcome (y) We're an okay bunch of enthusiasts on here. My only advice to you would be don't start any cable threads, concentrate on the boxes of electronics and you'll be fine... We also love spending other peoples money so be prepared for us to empty your bank account for you :)



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