Yamaha v667 problems getting sound from PC


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm a new member, just bought, beginning to think unfortunately, a Yamaha v667. Previously had a Yamaha Stereo Amp & an Onkyo Sr505 both were great except the sound on the Onkyo crap compared with both the Yamahas.

However after spending a week with the new Yamaha am tearing my hair out & more because I find it impossible to get any sound out of it when connecting from my new Sony TV to my PC which has an ATI Radion 5450 HD card & integrated HD Sound Device. When connected to the 2 old amps worked perfectly but no go with the 667.

I am in contact with Yamaha but they just keep referring me to the manual, which although quite good has no mention of connecting to the PC?

I tried it with my HDMI TV cable connection, 3 different cables, also via Audio 1 & 2. The problem with Audio 1 & 2 is although I get the sounds it defaults to the Yamaha screen saver & with the HDMI cable connected I just get the Monitor display. With both HDMI & Audio 1 or 2 connected I only get the picture, same if I disconnect the seperate Audio cables.

I have read somewhere that Yamaha recalled all 667's for other problems also, & Yamaha suggested I take it back to the dealer 45 miles away to get the software updated? As I've wasted so much time already if I take it back it will be for a refund not update.

Does anyone know the correct installation for a PC that has ALL my 30 years or so of music on the H/D, with this amp please or am I fighting a lost cause?

Thanks a heap.


Ok, I just bought the same AV amp. Just tested it with my laptop (Asus G73, ATI 5870) so I'm guessing it's the same drivers....

Ok, I tried the same lead that was in the PS3, and at first I got no sound, just a picture. A reboot with the HDMI lead connected from PC to Yamaha fixed it fine. Worked a treat.

Summarize. laptop connected to Yamaha via HDMI (1 in this case) and HDMI out to TV.

Was in 2 ch stereo mode by the way.


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