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would a sealed speaker work . atc scm 7?

floyd droid62

New member
Sep 29, 2016
hi i am at a loss really! in a nutshell ,if a small speaker like the Focal chorus 705,( spec.s; -3db at 65hz ;-6db at 57hz) drones a little on cetain bass notes,example tubular bells part one . bass guitar intro, Would a speaker like the atc scm7 work as it is sealed,from past experience,i know a crossover at 100hz ; worked on a floorstander,but the sound was thin & i could never marry the sub to the speaker. MY avr as broke,i only have a stereo amp now,if the atc scm7 works ,great,but i have a feeling it will not; *scratch_one-s_head* as the puny focal droned, would i be better off getting something like the dali zensor 3 and a new AVR,& use a crossover ? I have had a number of speakers and they have all had problems: with this room.Sonus Faber chameleon B kef LS50 than the Focal 705, I am fed up of sending speakers back ,so the ; atc scm7 as i have read it works in small rooms; or new AVR with cheaper speaker,s Like, dali Zensor 3 . my budget is £850 for speakers or avr & cheaper speaker! *smile*

Frank Harvey

Well-known member
Jun 27, 2008
Sounds like the speakers are all exciting the same issues in the room - with room issues, it doesn't matter which speakers you put in there as the same issues will be present. Some speakers may excite the issues a little less, if their response is lacking in the frequency range of the issue. Are you using any EQ for the speakers? Have you?



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