Question Why is some Dolby Atmos content only in 5.1 on Netflix?


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Jun 4, 2009
I've dipped in and out of Netflix over the last few years (mostly out) but I've been finding more and more good stuff to watch of late. Over the weekend I watched The Two Popes which I really enjoyed and it looked absolutely stunning in Dolby Vision. Watching in the UK, the audio is only 5.1 and I realised from the end credits that the movie is actually available in Dolby Atmos, so given that I'm paying the Premium subscription I was intrigued as to why the Dolby Atmos soundtrack is not available in the UK region. A bit of digging revealed that in the US, the Atmos version is present, so I contacted Netflix to enquire as to the reason for this... The reply I got over their chat system was 'Oh, it's probably to do with licensing or something' and I was abruptly cut off. Given that this is actually a Netflix production, I was somewhat skeptical about it being a licensing issue, but does anyone know why some Dolby Atmos titles are not in Atmos on the UK Netflix? Is it purely to do with saving bandwidth, or something else?



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