Why does the Samsung D6500 series not do 3D in Full HD?


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Aug 10, 2019
As we have learned, these sets don't show 3D in Full HD; in order to cope, they drop the resolution by about half.

It happens when you select 3D, and it happens to the set's own onscreen menus, so it's not coming from anywhere else.

Even if you choose just to look at the L or the R signal from a 3D movie, you can see the lower resolution - less clear text, and jaggies on any sloping lines onscreen.

In acknowledgement of this, Samsung have quietly dropped the 'Full HD' from the Full HD/3D logo they used to apply to these sets. I have this previous logo on the last but one page of the e-Manual for the D6530, that I downloaded from Samsung's website, but the e-Manual on the set itself does not show 'Full HD'. Matter-of-fact, nothing seems to show 'Full HD' on the set or its documentation or even its box anymore, though I'm sure it is Full HD when showing 2D - just not in 3D.

Can some kind techie tell me what the problem is here? Is this something Samsung can fix in software/firmware, or is the hardware irreducibly incapable of Full HD 3D? Does it go back to the panels being described as 400Hz initially (as they still were on Amazon, last time I looked), and actually being only 200Hz (100 in the panel itself, and 100 in the backlight somehow?)

Or perhaps the powers that be here would like to ask Samsung to comment? They might take more notice of a respected magazine editor than a mere purchaser of one of their sets :)

The D6530 is still a lovely set, and I'm very pleased with it, even in 3D, but this drop in resolution might be rather more noticeable on one of the big beasts that our little (by today's standards) 32-incher.

And even though the price was very good, it would be nice to get what I 9thought I'd) paid for.


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Mar 12, 2013
You are correct. These D6000 Samsung sets don't show full 1080p HD. Check out http://www.classlawsuit.com/samsung-falsely-advertises-full-hd-for-certain-3d-televisions/


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