Who’s been here longest?


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Sep 17, 2007
Just popped back on to the forum. Although not a regular. Was wondering who the earliest members were? I saw IFOR predates me. Who else? Remember when there was no forum for a year or so? Just curious.
Remember all those people apart from d-a-n1979 and Davedotco.
Shame they not around anymore. Didn't John Duncan end up working for What Hi-Fi?

I'm actually still in touch with Clare Newsome.
Certainly remember Davedotco
Not to sure what happened to Jo hn Duncan.
John did work for the IT dept. of What Hi-fi. He was last on here earlier this month. He was there when I was invited to the Big Q. We never met but he saw me pull up in the car park while he was having a ciggie.

d_a_n 1979 used to own Arcam Alpha 8 or 9 along with 9P.
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