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Which ethernet cable?

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Feb 19, 2020
Been there done it with cables, both analogue and for digital purposes. Most recently an Audioquest Cinnamon USB, which originally went for about £100 or so. I bought one NOS a year or so back, had to pack some stuff up a while back and ended up with the stock USB cable that came with the external hard drive. Months later I was marvelling at the sound only to go round the back of the stereo and...yep. The Cinnamon was in its' box. I tried it out with my usual four favoured test tracks and the differences were, well, minimal at best (which I guess is my way of saying that if both were delivering the right sound for the tracks played, then you couldn't easily tell them apart). The Audioquest went on Ebay a few weeks ago, followed not long after by a couple of mains power cables.
Well I'm not saying you're wrong. I guess the main thing is we end up happy with our kit and the sound we're getting.
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