which cd player or dac with conrad johnson and thiels?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey guys, i am totally at a loss to what i should be getting, so im hoping you can help!

right now i have a pv11 preamp and mv52 amp (both conrad johnsons) and thiel cs3.5 speakers.

i used to have a madrigal proceed pcd-2 that i used as a transport and dac until it recently died on me.

i am looking to get a standalone dac or a cd+dac transport.

i have an old denon transport (ud-m3) that i can= hook up with a dac.

currently im looking at audiolabs 8200cd as a cd+dac.

for a standalone dac im looking at rDac, m1-dac, and m-dac, stello da100.

what do you think i would be better off with? the 8200cd or a dac to hook up with my denon transport?

please consider my aging gear and what matches them! :D


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