Where best to start when upgrading this system?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone!

I'm writing to ask your advice on the best upgrade path for improving the sound quality in this system:

Source:Sony SCD-XB770S Super Audio CD Player

Pre amplifier: Rotel RC 970bx

Power Amplifier: Myryad MA 120

Speakers: Wharfedale PI 10 (bookshelf on atacama stands)

Bespoke silver interconnects and cat5 speaker cable which I have found surpasses any thing I have tried from qed or van den hul.

It is a question of where to begin. 1.On premise that what comes out the speakers should be more revealing of the source cd disc, is the Sony adequate? 2.Is the pre-amp of adequate quality? 3. Ditto speakers?

So for example,if I change source would I necessarily be able to hear the difference with present system? Would a more expensive speaker reveal more or still not get the information beacuse of source or amplification?

Your wisdom is appreciated. Thanks stuart5508


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Jul 24, 2007
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Speakers - Spend 400 quid on some Epos or Dali.

Keep your power amp by all means - If you can try to find a Myryad Pre amp as you will find the synergy will work best. Myryad are fantastic IMHO.

Cd player is alright for time being as you will find a pretty good improvement in change of speakers.

As for speakers if you feed it garbage it will spit out garbage - to a certain extent anyway. Your speakers now are not reproducing your systems capability.


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Aug 24, 2007
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New speakers - look to spend upwards of £500 RRP on some. EPOS and Dali are good options but also look at B&W, Monitor Audio or go for some second hand such as PMC. But also try to biamp your system.

If baimping works then it will sound like an upgrade in itself, but I don't know whether the pre and power are matching so it may not work. In that case I would change one of the amps to a matching one and then biamp.

Or save up for a new pre/power combo from the likes of Arcam, Cyrus, Naim. You can get a really nice matching pair on eBay for £500 or so.