What's the best way to sell vintage equipment?


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Aug 3, 2021
My brother passed away 15 years ago. I have his electronic equipment, some of which appears to have value. How do I get the value from it? eBay? Somewhere else?
Here is a list of what I have:
Yamaha RX-V650 AV Receiver
Marantz SA8001 CD Player
A/D/S PA 4 Amplifier
Adcom GFA-2535 Power Amplifier
Adcom GFA-555 Stereo Power Amplifier
Adcom Tuner GFT 1
Audio Alchemy digital transmission interface (pair)
Counterpoint PurePower PAC-15
Counterpoint PurePower PAC-5
Counterpoint SA-100 Dual Channel Tube/Mosfet Power Amplifier
Counterpoint Solid 8A Line Control Amplifier
Dayton Audio PT2C-8 Planar Tweeter (3)
Dominator Woofer by Bob Carver D-10 (pair)
Hickok Model 533 tube tester
HP Photosmart 7760
JVC XV-F80 DVD/CD Player
M&K Volkswoofer III
Magnum MTI-2005
Meridian 605 Mono Power Amplifier (pair)
Panasonic 42PWD7UY
Pioneer DVR-220 DVD recorder
Pioneer PD-F19 301 disc CD changer
Proton D1200 Stereo Power Amplifier
Rega Planar 2 turntable (green lettering). Weird because it is mounted on a Yamaha YP-D8 base
Sanyo VWM-710 VCR
Spica TC-50 (pair)
Tekna sonic Vibration absorber C-12
Tripplite Isolation Transformer IS1000HG
Tripplite Isolation Transformer IS500

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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May 19, 2021
I would say eBay is your best bet. I have bought and sold items on there successfully for many years. Do a little research if you can to see what these items usually sell for and set a reserve or a minimum opening bid so they don’t go for less than their likely value. The key to selling is often to take several hi quality photos of the kit from every angle and be honest about the condition. Good luck! 👍
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AVForums classifieds is free so to is Facebook Marketplace.


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Sep 20, 2016
Some very interesting gear there. I don't know whether eBay is the way to go. They recently changed their selling rules so not sure whether you have as much protection. Maybe someone can clarify.


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May 19, 2021
AVForums classifieds is free so to is Facebook Marketplace.
Agreed. The one advantage of eBay is the huge marketplace via their global shipping programme. You can sell worldwide and only have to post to a local (in my case UK) address. I’ve sold items to France, Italy and elsewhere. Your liability stops when it’s reached the local destination. 🙂
EBay to check previously sold item prices then sell on eBay, hifishark or Facebook groups.
eBay is the only one that offers protection unless you demand payments via PayPal which eBay no longer supports.
The main issue would be the age of most of this equipment.
PS. It was a bit of a waste of time listing it all as you cannot sell it on this forum
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Mar 8, 2012
And get insured delivery. I sold an old Cyrus amp and power supply and parcel force kindly dropped the box and smashed them up. Luckily insurance paid out and covered most of the cost and the buyer paid a bit as he could use them for parts.
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Mar 26, 2021
Congrats with your first sale.

product presentation is key. Dust it off, wipe it off, add some green from a plant, it does wonders. And take a photo with enough light. Little bit of over exposure is ok too:)

Research the item well, mention scratches so it can not become a negotiation point and research its market price, add specs.

In my opinion a perspective photo of the front and a straight photo of the rear connection possibilities is all that is necessary for a piece of equipment. Sides and detail shots etc are not that interesting for a sale in general unless it is signed or highlights a limited edition detail.
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