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Aug 10, 2019
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Hey guys,

I have read through some posts where guys have asked for information on what TV is best for them. Whats best for them may not be best for me :) so I thought I would ask for some prefessional advice.

I am contemplating buying a new TV. But where to start? Quite demoralising. You go into a shop see HD Ready, Full HD one TV is £100 more than the other but you cant understand why.

So basically I want to know what to look out for?

Is LCD better than Plasma? Go for Full HD or HD Ready? What brand is the best to go for, for support durability, warranties etc.? There may be more that I should be looking out for and if there is please let me know! Also if there is anyone that can recommend a great tv i will certainly look into it. I would be looking for something around 40" maybe more.




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Oct 4, 2007
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Welcome to the forum.

Unless you are more specific, you will get the same answer that everyone else has.

Do you prefer a particular brand, is there one you don't want, will you use HDDVD or Blu-ray or another HD source capable of outputting full HD (1080p)? Do you have SKYHD? Do you intend buying these in the near future or as part of a package? Have you bought the magazine and narrowed your own choices? Nobody here can tell you which t.v. is best for you but we can recommend a number of tv's for you to have a look at.

You can also search local shops to see if there are any you particularly like and then ask advice about that model here.

Any model of tv that has previously been recommended recently will be a good starting point for you to look at.

Models from Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung and Sony are highly recommended most frequently at all screen sizes. The final choice will also depend on your budget.

Happy searching!




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