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Sep 9, 2007
as regards to your tt,i have looked at the manual on google,looks basic enough and there is a dial for you to set the tracking force.as for new speakers depending on your room layout the gales from richer sounds will work well with your cambridge kit,but there are better speakers,you must audition to find the sound you want.get your kit set up right first,listen to different types of music and save up for the component you feel needs upgrading.rule of thumb is source first then amp then speakers.leave cables until you upgrade in the future,you may not need to upgrade but if you do it now and upgrade your components later the upgraded cable may not gel with your new system,money wasted.hifi is an enjoyable pursuit don't get carried away with upgrading every couple of months or so,keep it simple identify what needs changing first and upgrade gradually.good luck,gregory.


I have looked at the Pro-ject manual online and my tt seems to be a different model and there is no dial to adjust the tracking weight. The weight on the arm is fixed.


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