What level of AVR would I need to match my Audiolab 8000c & p for music?


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Jun 11, 2012
Hi all

A simple question hopefully!

Currently got an Audiolab 8000c and 8000p powering my Monitor Audio GR20 speakers in my lounge. Home Cinema then comes in via the Yamaha DSP-AX620 with its front pre-outs going into the 8000c. Music is more important than movies to me.

I can work all this fine, but the wife finds the 3 box combo, source switching and volumes at 12 o'click for movies but definitely not music a bit confusing.

No idea how good AV amps of the last 10 years have been, but is there anything out there that would come close to the above with music in a single box?

Wouldn't even mind keeping the 8000p if it was felt that would help, and use an AV amp for stereo and home cinema pre-amp duties.

Not worried about HDMI or Hi-Def audio as I only use DVD's or mkv rips of.

Likelihood of a budget would be £300 second hand, more if I sold the 8000p too. Arcam AVR350 any good?

Any advice welcome, even if its a straight "no - write some instructions for your wife!



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Feb 19, 2012
Stop..... you have a Yamaha ax-620?

remove the audiolab kit and drive your GR20's directly from the rx.

I own one too and trust me that rx will match the Audiolab 8000 - depending on config, it may even outperform it for stereo playback (in the last year or so I have had an Audiolab 8200a & a Rotel RA-1520 which I owned for a year, both failed to match the rx in stereo - maybe its preference though) . Take advantage of the DAC in the rx, QED quenex (1) coax between cdp & rx works well (pcm) -

utalise speakers A & B to bi wire your speakers if possible and using the test tone turn the L and R channels to their max and turn effects off - the AX-620 is without doubt the best stereo amp I have heard I use a NAD 660 cdp and Mission 782se speakers. the system is knocking on abit nowbut it genuinly sounds superb when compared with modern kit.

I recently sold the Rotel ra-1520 and bought a Yamaha rx-a1020 (good discount on it) which is better in stereo than the 'dedicated stereo' amps but not yet quite as 3d as the older cheaper Yamaha ax-620. its a gem of a stereo amp, honest and will drive those MA's

oh....get a 300pound rx for yor HT