What do you think? HK 3490 + Dyn x16 for a 2.0 setup?


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Aug 10, 2019
I am making my first foray into higher-end audio.

I live in a 102 sq-meter apartment in downtown Washington DC. My TV/living room area is appoximately 3x3 meters with 3-4 meter ceilings. I want a compact 2.0 stereo setup for music and movies. I don't care about surround-sound. My music tastes run the gammut from classical to indie rock to techno. For the sake of space, I would prefer a nice 2.0 setup over 2.1 at this time.

After doing some research on "high-value" stereo receivers, I ordered the HK 3490 from Amazon. I still have time to change or cancel this order if my research concludes otherwise.

For the speakers, I am strongly considering the Dynaudio x16s.



I just bought a pair of Dynaudio x32's after listening to both the x16's and x12's.

Track 4 from The Dark Knight OST sounds suitably majestic on the x16's, and they handle AC/DC, U2, Depeche Mode and classical music similarly well - it really is a superb speaker. Overall it sounds bigger and fuller than it's little brother, the x12.

I only went with the x32's because I got a great deal on a demo model, and because I am not crazy about having speaker stands for aesthetic reasons.

Both the x12, x16 and x32 speakers have a good finish compared to other speakers in their price range - they seem well made.

You will not be disappointed with the x16's, I think.



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