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Just started 2019's Watchmen. I think the graphic novel is utterly fantastic, but I am ambivalent (to say the least) about the film - too much excised from the story to make it worthwhile, even if it captures the look and feel very well indeed. Mini-series is interesting so far, and seems almost unique in modern times in that it was well-received but not then milked for eternal further series.
I made DVDs of Chic Glastonbury and BBC Radio Theatre 2017 sets.
Once I start watching them.....can't stop.
That bass suits the PMC transmission line 👍
I remember seeing the highlights of the 2017 sets at Glastonbury.

Nile Rodgers has been involved with so many famous artists, it's mind boggling. Incredibly talented.

Yep, listening to it on my system certainly brings a smile. Most of that genre does. The texture and richness to the bass is hammered out with real conviction.
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Aug 5, 2021
Yesterday I was watching Lava Floor on Netflix with my 11 year old grandson. If you can put up with the presenters American twang it is a good watch. Two teams compete to beat the obstacles and not fall into the red coloured water.
If You See God, Tell Him - a decidedly black comedy from the early 90s - Richard Briers as a widowed pensioner with a brain injury caused by being hit by debris from a building site. He comes to see all advertising as a personal message, and life does not go swimmingly...
I wish the BBC would feature more such music.

A few years back I swivelled the satellite dish....and on just one German HD channel I saw concerts by Mezzoforte, Deodato, Larry Graham (and band playing Sly Stone stuff).
Never seen any of it on BBC.
Yup, the best of the Beeb is Later... with Jools Holland. I'm a big Jools and Squeeze fan but they are limited.
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