Question Wharfedale evo 4.1, anyone?


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Jan 31, 2021
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Hi all

Newbie here

After inheriting a pair of Heybrook HB1's but not having an amplifier, I began to take my very first steps into the world of HiFi. I trawled through the overwhelming wealth of information and ended up swallowing the hype of the cambride audio CXA 81. The pairing with the speakers sounds decent but I am now keen to try the amp with another pair of speakers. I've watched many videos and read many forums, I have considered the Klipsch RP600M's, LS50's and Dynaudio M20's but from what I've read the pairing with the CXA could sound a little too bright and clinical. The Wharfedale Evo range have been on my radar but there is very little information (that I have found) on the 4.1's.

Lockdown means it is not possible to audion and I currently have the time to enjoy a new pair of speakers so i'm ready to pull the trigger. I would be very keen to hear from anyone with experience of these speakers. My listening distance will be around 8ft which I think will rule out the 4.2's but i'm keen to hear any views on this speaker also.

The music I tend to listen to the most would be Reggae, Hip Hop, House Music, a bit of Rock, a bit of modern. Infact, since embarking in this hobbie my tastes in music have expanded and I'm open to listening to beautiful sounds of all genres. My favourite band is Fat Freddys Drop so if anyone out there has the CXA 81 and the Wharfedales, it would be real neighbourly if you could listen to their song "Ernie" and let me know how it sounds lol. Great band, if you have a half decent system I'm sure they would sound incredble on it regardless of your tastes in music.

All feedback and advice welcome.

Thank you.
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