Wharfedale Diamond 11.3+ 11.2 setup combined with Marantz NR1504


Oct 31, 2021
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Hi there, I am a bit of a novice (or noob :cool:) regarding specs and setup of speakers. I run into an issue and I hope you lovely people here can help me out.

I posted this question earlier in the Wharfedale HiFi subforum, but I wasn't aware that this was not allowed. So here goes again :)

I have recently bought a set of Wharfedale speakers. 2x Diamond 11.3 floorstanding speakers, 2x Diamond 11.2 bookshelfs (for surround) and a Diamond 11CS in a 5.0 setup. The are connected to a Marantz Nr1504 AVR which amplifies at max 50W per channel. Unfortunately this AVR lacks an equalizer of tonal contral. The speakers are all set to 'large', I have run audissey setup multiple times and dynamic volume is set to off. I am experimenting with MultEQ (audissey EQ and Manual EQ, the latter allows me some tonal control)

First off: these speakers have passed the Wife Acceptance Factor and they are a huge improvement from my previous setup which was a little Harman Kardon 5.1 setup . :D:p

What I am noticing though is that the 11.3 floorstanding speakers lack body and punch in the low end. They are overruled by the warm bodied sound of the 11.2 bookshelfs. I find myself in doubt of even swapping the floorstanding speakers to the back for surround.

That can't be the intention, right?

For additional info here are the specs of the speakers:
Diamond 11.3.
Description2.5-way floorstanding speaker
Bass Driver5"(130mm) Woven Kevlar Cone
Midrange Driver5"(130mm) Woven Kevlar Cone
Treble Driver1"(25mm) Textile Dome
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m)90dB
Recommended amp power25-125W
Peak SPL102dB
Nominal impedance8 Ω compatible
Minimum Impedance3.9Ω
Frequency Response (+/-3dB)44Hz ~ 20kHz
Bass Extension (-6dB)35Hz
Crossover Frequency3.1kHz
Cabinet Volume (in litres)29.2L
Dimensions (HxWxD)(875+25) x 194 x (285+38)mm
Net Weight13.8kg/pcs

Diamond 11.2
Description2-way bookshelf
Bass Driver6.5"(150mm) Woven Kevlar Cone
Midrange Driver
Treble Driver1"(25mm) Textile Dome
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m)88dB
Recommended amp power25-125W
Peak SPL96dB
Nominal impedance8 Ω compatible
Minimum Impedance4.2Ω
Frequency Response (+/-3dB)48Hz ~ 20kHz
Bass Extension (-6dB)40Hz
Crossover Frequency2.6kHz
Cabinet Volume (in litres)13.2L
Dimensions (HxWxD)355 x 221 x (290+32)mm
Net Weight7.4kg/pcs

I am experimenting with and without subwoofer but without I find the music too flat and I find watching movies with the subwoofer way too intense. (my neighbours too o_O)
Have you checked for correct phasing? Front speakers out of phase will eradicate the bass.
Also, they may need to loosen up, run in a bit. But with AV there are so many settings to get wrong, just go through everything methodically. But check the wiring first!
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Nov 2, 2021
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Given you are experiencing low end issues check that the jumpers are correctly fitted on the rear terminals of your 11.3s so you are actually using the LF and HF
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Oct 31, 2021
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Thanks everybody for your input.I have setup speakers to small and the subwoofer now kicks in a nice low sound.
I am on the lookout for a new, bit larger subwoofer. I am currently using a Harman Kardon KTS210SUB/230 with the following specs:
Low-frequency transducer: 8" (200mm) down-firing cone
Amplifier power: 200 watts
Frequency response: 45Hz – 200Hz (–6dB)
Controls: Volume, phase, bass boost
Connections: LFE (RCA-type); left and right line-level
Enclosure type: Sealed
External trigger input voltage: 3 – 30 volts, AC or DC
Power requirement: 120V, 60Hz (USA); 220V – 240V,
50/60Hz (EU)
Power consumption: <1W (standby); 200W (maximum)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 353mm x 267mm x 267mm
Weight: (9kg)

I can get my hand on a Wharfedale SW-12 subwoofer for €379.

Description/FormatActive Dynamic-Drive IB subwoofer system
Drive Units1 x (12”)300mm cone long-throw
Frequency Response35- 120Hz ±3dB
Amplifier Power Output300W
Peak Power Output450W
Line Input Sensitivity200mv for maximum output
Crossover Range30 - 150Hz
Inputs"Stereo Line In (2 x RCA Phono)
Mono (LFE) Line In (RCA Phono)
Input ImpedanceLine Input 10kΩ
Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N)≥85dB
Avg. Max Output @1m118dB
FeaturesPhase inversion, Auto on-off
DimensionsHeight: (430+58)mm(with feet)
Width: 395mm
Depth: (442+15)mm
Net weight22.1kg

I cannot find any reviews or tests online. So, regarding the specs and price. Would this be a reasonable upgrade?


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