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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a setup where my pc is connected to my home cinema system. I have all my music stored on my pc stored in a WAVE file which I believe is the best format to store music in, I have tried the music in a .ra format which is similar to apples lossless format and all though there wasnt much of a diffrence in the quality of music I setteled on WAVE format as HDD space was not limited. Apart from the conversion of music filles from MP3 to WAVE format is there anything I can do to maximise the audio quality?

John Duncan

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Note that mp3 converted *back* to wav will not restore quality if that's what your'e proposing for some files (and in fact may make it worse in the process), the loss has already happened - you would need to re-rip in a lossless format to improve their quality.

Further to that, you should try to get the best audio connection between your PC and amp as you can, which may involve an offboard digital-analogue converter (DAC), or a top-notch soundcard with proper rca outputs. You may wish to consider an offboard music client as well or instead, like a squeezebox.


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