Wanted! dock with hi-fi and wi-fi music stream facility


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Aug 10, 2019
Please can anybody help me! Have spoken to tech guys in the main retail stores, but really as good as useless. I wish to purchase an ipod dock with facility to play CD's, listen to the radio and stream music from my PC. I went into a number of retail outlets and none of them had an all in one system. The only offering was a Phillips hi-fi DCB 152/05 and the sales guy said I could purchase a Logitech Squeeze box which would be compatable. Can anyone recommend an 'all-in-one' system, or recommend other systems that would be compatable with music stream/squeeze box - I'm not brilliantly techo on this stuff, I just want my daughter to be able to charge up her new ipod and for me to be able to listen to it! - and also for me to be able dump my 'jurasic' radio and rubbish ancient cd player. Do the wi-fi streamers/squeeze box's have varying pick-up distances, just wonder why they all vary so much in price. Unfortunatly, I cannot purchase at the 'high-end' market.

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
Hi there, you might want to take a look at the Roberts Stream 63i. It's an iPod dock with built-in CD player, DAB radio and wi-fi for streaming music from your PC and listening to internet radio. It costs around £350.



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