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Using a Denon DVD-1920 for CD playback


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all! I have a Denon DVD-1920 player with a Denon AVR-1906 AV amp (with Mordaunt Short 902i speakers for the 'Front' channels)

I listen to more music than I watch movies and was wondering how the DVD-1920 compares for music (CD) playback vs a budget (sub £200) dedicated CD player. I currently use high quality phono interconnects from the DVD player to the AVR-1906 for music playback (and the digital optical output for movie soundtracks). The other option is to use something like a Beresford DAC to improve the audio output quality from the DVD player (optical or coaxial digital) to the amp. The further option is to add a 'proper' hi-fi amp just to drive the Mordaunt Short front speakers (using the AVR-1906's Front Channel Pre-amp Outputs to feed this amp), and connect all my other music sources (Rega P3 turntable, DAB tuner, etc) directly into this, as I'm sure it would do a better job than the AV amp.

All comments welcomed! Cheers, Karl.


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Jan 13, 2008
If music is more important then I would certainly go for a dedicated stereo amp.

Personally I would also opt for the Beresford DAC to be used in conjunction with the DVD player rather than a dedicated CD player as I believe you will get beter results with your budget and you can also utilise it for other items (like the DAB tuner) too.

As for which to get first......


Yeah, will probably get both DAC and 'proper' amp. I'm also building a media PC and intend to re-rip all my CDs as lossless WAVs, so will need the DAC to process the optical digital output from the PC, rather than using the typically 'noisy' 3.5mm line-out connection.

I seem to remember reading about the Denon DVD-1920 before I bought it that it was also 'tuned' for CD playback quality, so assume that it must have a half-decent transport.


If you get a dac like the DacMagic or the newest Bereshford dac you can just hook your media pc to it with a usb cable and save money on an optical cable. The dac becomes an excellent external soundcard. Id also choose to rip the music in flac, apple lossless or wma lossless format and not into wav files. The files gets smaller, you get the metadata on them and the soundquality is the same as with wav.


Hi There -

I'm a great lover of music and will try to get perfection in whatever music I listen to. I heard the Burr Brown DAC in this player makes a lot differnce in audio quality. There are may more Blue Ray player in the market with different 24Bit/192kHz DAC. I'm bit confused, do you suggest to buy Denon 1920 over these latest Blue Ray players or any other players?
I listen to more music than watching movies. Following are the questions I have, 1. Is there anyother CD/DVD player which user Burr Brown DAC which you can suggest me?2. Does the Denon DVD 1920 play open session CD RW (Multisession CDs where I dont close the session, so that I can write more songs)?3. I generally write my MP3 audio files in the CD RW to listen to music I dont mind spending more for getting very good super audion player. Can you pl suggest?Thanks in advanceSuresh