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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi I'm a newbie to the forums. I need some advice.
I am looking to replace the secondary hifi in my dining room which consist of a 20yr old Denon PMA250 II amp, DRM500tape deck and 1yr old cheap Richer Sounds special CD player with hopefully a Denon CEOL mini system. My question is are the USB ports on the current crop of mini systems compatible with Sony MP3 players.
Most manufacturer's specs seem very vague on compatibility.
I have 4 Sonys two I know won't be compatible as they are old atrac baaed players,
But I'm not sure about my two newer players that are MP3 and AAC players.

Thanks in advance for advice.



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Hi Nick. Denon frustratingly suggest the USB is for 'mass storage devices' and ipods which are in effect a mass storage devices as they have hard drives. That to me says the Denon will import music files found on hard drives. But whether it will find your Sony mp3s hard drive is another matter.

To be sure is there a local dealer where you can take your Sonys and a USB and see what happens?


Thanks for that.

I'll have to pop down to Richer sounds with my Sony MP3's and give them a go.


Well went down to Richer Sounds in Preston today plugged my Sony MP3 into a Denon CEOL and after 5mins of the Denon saying, "reading" nothing happened. Gutted. After getting home I went through the menu and found in settings "USB connection mode" the unit then says use this mode if the unit won't connect. So I am assuming this will hopefully make the Sony appear as just a mass storage device so it will connect to the likes of the Denon? Fingers crossed for my next trip to Preston. Time to get the full user manual for the Sony off the CD.


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