Upscaling needs and explination please.


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Aug 31, 2007
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Hoping someone can help as im a little confused as to how this would work.

I am looking to buy a 1080p LCD TV (any recommendations for a 37" LCD would be welcome) and a PS3 coupled with either a Onkyo TX-SR505 or TX-SR605 or maybe the Sony DAV-IS10 to be used in a 'family room' (in other words not my main viewing room).

My question is - with regards to upscaling to 1080p is it firstly better to have it on both the DVD player and the TV or do you only need it on one? If on one is it better to have it on the TV or an amp?

I hope someone can help.



Your TV will have a built-in up-scaling for the television broadcasts using the integrated tuner. The built-in scaler will also be used to up-scale devices plugged into your TV that do not have their own up-scaling chip, say an "old" DVD player, VHS or most PVRs.

If you have a device that does up-scale, then you have the choice of using either the TV or that device.

I have an up-scaling DVD player, so I set the TVs HDMI1 input to "Just Scan" (different manufacturers call it different things) and the DVD player to output 1080p through its HDMI. In this case the TV does not do any scaling (the DVD player is better), it accepts the 1080p signal from the DVD player without doing any further processing.

It is usually the case, but not always, that the external up-scaling device is better than the TV. Only your eyes can tell you which you prefer. Do not up-scale twice by mistake, so ensure that you aren't up-scaling to 720p on the DVD player and then up-scaling again to 1080p on the TV!

It'll become clear when you have your TV etc.


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