TV and Speaker Wall Mount Bracket


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Jun 7, 2010
Hi All,

Not sure if what I'm after exists- I haven't found anything that fits the bill yet.

I wish to mount a 24"-26" TV in the garage on a bracket that can rotate. It's going in front of the running machine but I'd like to be able to rotate the TV so that it is also watchable from a bike on a turbo trainer. So far, that's fairly simple. However... what I'd ideally like is for some speaker brackets to be able to be bolted to the TV bracket so that when the TV is rotated the speakers swing round too. I'm sure the quality would take a hit with such a set up, however the running machine or bike would trash the sound in any case, as would the breeze block walls. I wasn't planning on using Russ Andrews speaker cables as you can well imagine...

The plan would be to use my old NAD D3020 for sound with a set of ancient Mission 780 book shelf speakers.

Any pointers gratefully received!


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