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Dec 25, 2009
At the moment I have two options for an upgrade the first being to replace my MF M6I amp with an audia flight 100 pre and power amp

The hifi shop has also kindly leant me a Rokson Xerses turntable with basic cartridge and arm.

I will either buy the amps or the turntable but not both.

If I compare the TT with against the CDP set up then the sound is warmer with slightly more detail. BUT I now understand the TT thing. It just makes me smile. On the down side the crackles, pops and clicks are irritating and I have three LPs worth playing, so my collection will be from scratch.

My question, is the pops and crackles are putting me off the TT as a viable option is this something that can be overcome with cleaning or, is it something that the man in the record shop said in that its just the charm of vinyl.

It’s a very difficult choice and your experience will be really helpful

Kind regards


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Jul 20, 2007
Although the odd pop or crackle can be inevitable, they can usually be easily cleaned off. I've got plenty of second hand records that I thought were only good for binning because of all the pops and crackles, that are now flawless after a good clean or two. I have plenty of records that don't have a single pop or crackle on the whole disc.

I personally feel that, although record noise when it does occur is annoying, it's worth putting up with for two reasons:

1: The whole vinyl experience is more rewarding than CD. Pulling a record out of it's sleeve, giving it a quick dust off with the carbon brush, gently putting the needle down are all part of it.

2: There's so much more detail on a well recorded vinyl than there is on the equivalent CD. And I say this as a huge fan of my Rotel CDP, which, as my East Sussex buddy Mitch will testify to, is an extremely detailed player.

Get the TT, and maybe upgrade the cartridge. You won't regret it.

EDIT: Oh, and don't worry about having only three records. I didn't have any when I bought my TT last year. Excluding the ones I was kindly given, I bought over 100 in three months. Once the bug bites, you can't stop buying records!


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Sep 9, 2007
our ears are quite amazing, we can cancel out the noise that some records give off, but a well set up TT as you say is so much nicer but what is the arm and cartridge on the deck, there is loads of stuff on the net about cleaning vinyl but i find a quick brush and playing the record does the trick, if a record is scratched then no amount of cleaning will get rid of any noise just look on you tube for cleaning records, there is a chap that cleans records with a wet clean system like the knosti but i cant tell the difference, i cant link it on my computer but everyone should see it, just look up cleaning records.


Basically buying a turntable as a source will last much longer than normal CD Players. Soundwise a TT is much better than a price comparable CD Player. To come close you would to spend 3 or 4 times the money you spend for a TT inclusive cartridge. Make sure your phono pre is good enough either in the integrated or buy a seperate one. I think a Xerses deserves a very good phone pre and pay attention it is flexible enough to be used for several impedances for MC systems.

Buy good records and you won't regret it.

Regards from Germany




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