Thoughts on Yamaha Ns-Sw 300 Subwoofer

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Jul 28, 2016
I have little experience of subwoofers. I had one with computer speakers many years ago. I played around with a PA sub once but it sounded dreadful. I have a subwoofer question. Thought it makes sense to ask in Cinema section, dispute being most interested in music.

Am considering a subwoofer to compliment my Aviano 8s. Firstly, before everyone starts recommending different speakers, I do like my speakers. I appreciate there will be superior ones for mega bucks but I'm on a budget. The bass is very tight, which I do like. Some material really shines with my speakers, with extremely clear, high resolution bass. On some material, the speakers are just a bit too laid back and lacking in bass. For example, listening to Pink Floyd, they sound out of this world. For bass heavy reggae, they really do put the bass out. Some rock and dance music is lacking. I appreciate the sound of my speakers for certain material and wouldn't change that. It's also useful if the kids are in bed.

I've never got into surround. Some people listen to music on their surround system. I've always been the other way around. I run TV/films through my stereo for the better sound. My room is pretty small atm but that is hopefully less permanent than any sub I buy.

I'd like a sub to liven up the bass on certain music, so I want something that's good for music. I want it to be reasonably capable. There's no point if they take away from my setup, rather than adding some well controlled grunt. The other thing I want to be able to throw a party occasionally and not blow my sub when I turn things up.

After looking at reviews for every second hand unit I looked at, I realised I'd have to spend a little more than I had in mind. I had looked at the Cambridge Aero 9 new, and various used subs around £150. Reviews for the BK Xls200 seem very good, as do reviews for the Yamaha Ns-Sw 300. Both are just out of budget, but I could just about stretch. The BK would be used, but the Yamaha would be new.

These two are chalk and cheese. One is deliberately low tech, not far off homemade, and sealed. The other is all chips and tech, and ported. Would one of these meet my requirements, or are they both too small? I've read a lot about the BK but hoping someone will be able to fill me in on the Yamaha. While reviews seem good, I don't know what people are comparing it to. I considered the Klipsch 12" but the bass response they claim seems a bit high to add much. £300 is my absolute max.


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Aug 28, 2015
Bass extension and bass speed are usually mutually exclusive in the budget end of things. Since you want it for music, stick with something under 10 inches so that you retain fast bass.

I haven't heard either of the two subs you've mentioned. But sealed is usually better for music and ported being better for movies. But these are generalisations. Iam sure there is kit out there that can do both.

If you can find any rel T series subs used, that would be my recommendation.


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