thinking of replacing my Linn Genki with the Slim Devices Transporter


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Jun 29, 2007
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I’m thinking of upgrading my Slim devices squeezebox 3 with the Slim Devices Transporter.

I have been delighted with the SB3 but would like to get the full potential from my equipment and replace the CD player altogether, (a Linn Genki if anyone is interested in buying it) I have found the whole concept of the SB3 wonderful to use, but the Transporter is a massive jump in price - has anyone got a Transporter to justify the extra cost over the Squeezebox? Is it really as good as say a cd player like the Linn? Or is it just overpriced?

Cheers Jez


I haven't heard the Transporter but I do have an SB 3.

I've come to the conclusion that if/when my Helios Model 1 (which was a £1500 CD player) goes kaput - and it's already had one £300 repair in it's 6 year lifetime, I will go down the Transporter route.

I definitely see that concept as the future (rip to FLAC, store on a NAS), and for the Transporter to be runner up in Stereophile's product of the year, speaks volumes.