The WOW factor


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Apr 29, 2008
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Ok so you spent a load of money upgrading your Hi-Fi (contrary to your wife's opinion that what you had was more than good enough anyway).

You enjoy what you hear and after a few weeks it is starting to gell together and sound great.

And then you dig out a CD or Album you played intensely when you were younger, you love it and know it well - but maybe havent played it in quite a while.

Taking it for its first spin on the upgraded system you simply have a draw dropping moment that the whole thing is so so much better than you ever remember or envisioned it, and you simply go WOW - (and say to your wife - see it was worth all the money !)

For me a few days ago it was Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle.

I was blown away as the room filled with synth chords such as i never really expected. This post is not about whether its a good album to you or not, just when or with what did you get that wow moment.

the record spot

Several of my older, analogue, CDs can sound wonderful; I'm not by and large convinced by many of these "remastered" reissues we get these days. Often, you're getting something which has been compressed to death, or "No-Noised" to within an inch of the price tag, that the "superior" recording is in fact anything but.

Got several examples, but you can pick many of these up secondhand for little money. Well worth checking the Ebay listings, used record shops, etc.