The jump from soundcard-5.1 Desktop speakers to HiFi world


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Oct 4, 2020
Well as title suggests I'm actually thinking of starting to invest in this magestic world of hi fidelity audio..
For the time being I have a set of Edifier S760D which I use with my Creative AE-9 for music playback and for gaming when I'm not using headphones (Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro).
I find though that I need to invest more on music though and quality bookself speakers.. These sound good enough but obviously not that great compared to a lot of dedicated speakers in the frequency spectrum.. And I need something more oriented for music for gaming I'm more than covered with this setup I own currently obviously..

The room is not big enough so I'm not going to go for something really big. Obviously I'm not gonna go for tower speakers but I'm looking into quality bookshelf ones.
The "plan" is to begin with a quality 2 bookshelf ones and go for a sub and maybe a center and side speakers later.. Maybe..
Quality 2.1 is the initial plan though..

So I have some questions and I need some recommendations.. Let me say the budget is 2 and I can probably stretch it to 2.5k..

1. Should I go for powered speakers or passive? I have in the eye and I constantly read and hear amazing recommandations for SVS Ultra Bookshelf.. If I go with these I have 1k to spend to these and I'll need an amp..Which takes me to the second question.

2. Do you have a nice price/perf amp to recommend? As I said I'm not looking into the latest and greatest Atmos ones rather than a quality one which will not cost a fortune but will be able to drive great quality speakers.. So any recommendations will be more than welcome..

3. Do you think I should squeeze a sub in this budget of 2.5k or leave it for later and take a better amp or other speakers? If I go with SVS Ultra there's the option of a center speaker as well from SVS.. But I'm worried that maybe the low frequencies might not be adequately covered with the bookshelf speakers alone..

I'd love to hear your recommendations on the whole setup to fit this budget and most importantly help me build a plan on what is more advisable to do and leave the rest for a later time.

Thanks in advance for your input and I'd love to hear your opinions on this..
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