The hi-fi keyboard DAC is something I never imagined would exist and now I must have one

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I don’t want to come across as too mean as what HiFi have written some lovely pieces before including the writer of this article, but there is a growing trend of misleading click baity titles leading to disappointment. It’s putting me off the publication. I used to frequent daily but now it’s maybe once or twice a month.
I’m sure this is a high level decision at What HiFi but it feels like an own goal. Had the title and first paragraph been more balanced I probably would have enjoyed the article. In fairness if you read between the lines the title is suggesting the concept of DAC and Keyboard, but the hyperbole makes you feel this is something more.
This approach is across the website so I imagine this is a publication decision. Maybe market research points to increased traffic, but AV Forums doesn’t do this and appears to be thriving.
I wish WHF would return to its previous style. Those articles felt balanced and trustworthy.
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