The AI are taking over😂 (just for laughs)


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Feb 2, 2023
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A few years ago when I bought my first Google home mini (yes they were still called Google home mini back then not nest mini)
I did the typical British thing and the first question I asked was the weather for my home town Google's response left me going "what how does it know" Google responded with the colloquial name for my town. So I asked the same question using the colloquial name and Google responded with the full name of my town.

I know there are all sorts of learning algorithms programmed into the search engines etc but I was genuinely surprised that Google knew the colloquial name for the little backwater of a town in the North of England that I call home.

Incidentally Alexa hasn't got a clue when I use the colloquial name for my town. So come on Amazon programmers get your act together 😜

Any one else had a similar experience?


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