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Aug 10, 2019
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With regret, I need to replace my Technics SU-V4X amp. It has been a great performer since I bought it new in 1984. It had a little surgery in the form of a couple of replacement transistors in the protection circuit a few years ago which revived it for a bit longer but now I can longer obtain parts for it, and sadly it is time to go.

The problem is, I have been out of the HiFi loop for many years and looking at the array of stuff around at the moment, I am not sure what to make of it. What price bracket should I be looking in for comparable performance to the Technics? The amp was circa £250 in 1984.

A friend suggested Creek Evo but the spec has it as 0.1% THD which seems way excessive to me (Technics .007%) unless the form of measurement has changed.

The Technics had a great dynamic range and was very punchy and exciting to listen to, and since it died I have been using an old Memorex amp temporarily but it sounds pretty dire and dead by comparison.

Output is into a pair of Acoustic Research AR58LS which still sound superb with the Technics. (I'd like to keep them)

Any pointers, particularly from anyone old enough to remember/still have the AR 58's working with a modern amp would be greatly appreciated.



The Roksan Kandy LIII seems to be closest in spec on paper to the technics - does anyone have any comments/suggestions about pairing it with the AR58's please?



I obviously didn't hit the right keywords to get a response, or perhaps no one has heard of Technics or Acoustic Research, or it is not elitist enough equipment.... Never mind, thanks for reading anyway.


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The tech specs are only one small part of the story and I'd suggest you draw up a shortlist and audition WITH your speakers to find the amp that is right for you. I'd certainly consider the Roksan Kandy you mention, but you don't need to spend this amount to surpass the Technics. Also look at the bigger NAD amps and the likes of the Rotel RA-04 and Marantz PM7001. I think you'll find that, although very different to each other, every one of these amps will blow your Technics out of the water. Only go beyond the £300-£400 price point if your sources are up to it.


Hi Mathew, many thanks for taking the time to reply. I will check out the amps you suggest and the Roksan. Your advice is much appreciated as I did not know where the technics sat in the grand scheme of current things. Your suggestions will be very useful as a starting place for auditioning. I'm aiming to upgrade CD too so I'll try and nail the amp first then audition players with it. Thanks again for the help.


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