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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

I'm currently using a Rega Brio amp, Arcam CD73 cd player cw Chord Cobra 3 interconnect, Rega Planar 2 turntable cw RB250 arm & Rega Elys cartridge, B&W 602 S2 speakers on Atacama stands (both tweeters replaced 2 years ago after they were pushed by nephews little fingers), Chord Carnival Bi-wire speaker cable.

I play mainly cds (hardly touch vinyl now) and would like to improve my system and I'm thinking about changing the speaker cables first then possibly the speakers after that. Am I doing this in the right order or has anybody got a better solution?

I'm fairly happy with the sound at the moment although I'd like the bass a bit tighter and the treble a bit smoother. I got a loan of some Chord Rumour Bi-wire cable and it was noticable better, but I don't know if the money would be better spent on something else.




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Jul 28, 2007
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Hi Martin
I think you have a nice system there, a balanced between warm-ish arcam and slightly bright B&W. If you are looking for noticable improvment I afraid changing Cables is not gonna be a solution!
I would change speakers first, if you after a warmer sound with more bass then dare I suggest Rega R3 for around £450 -£500.
From my experience, the Rumour is not a big upgrade from Canival (I am surprised you think they are noticable better but if you like warmer sound go for pure copper cables like DMN. regards