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Jimbo Akimbo

Oct 12, 2022
I'm looking for an amp and speakers to use in my box room office and would really appreciate your insight and suggestions.

My music source will be my Mac and the speakers will be approx 1m away from me, at head height.

I've auditioned RUARK, Q Acoustic M20s, Yamaha HS5's, Audio Engine A2's and KEF LSX ii's and they all have one major problem - white noise. The M20's we're the worst offenders and the LSXii's produced a criminal amount of static.

I write for a living and often work in complete silence - as the speakers are so close to my head, the 'self-generated' noise that these systems create is deafening (I may be exaggerating, but it's a distraction). This isn't a power supply issue, it's primarily down to my hyper-critical ears.

As all of the above systems are 'always on', or require reaching round the back to turn off, I've concluded that the best solution is to have a dedicated amp and speakers that I can easily switch off.

In an ideal world I'd be able to leave it switched on, but that depends on how much white-noise it generates.

Amp wise, the NAD 3020 v2 appeals - as it could sit happily on my desk, and i'm guessing that it is not going to generate too much noise when switched on. Ideally my Amp would have a USB input and DAC, but id be happy with an optical input.

As for speakers, I adore the aesthetic and dimensions of KEF LS50's but I dont know if they are going to suit the room and the kind of listening i'm looking for. The speakers have to be placed on a (very solid) shelf that is positioned behind my Mac, but this means that they will be very close to a wall - unfortunately I have no other option.

So, what is the ultimate speaker/amp combo for someone who wants to enjoy high quality music with the following criteria?
  • At relatively low volumes (but able to go loud when required)
  • In a small room
  • Without white noise
  • With the speakers close to a wall
  • Small Amp
  • Good looking speakers (Do love KEF's clean lines)

Thanks in advance, really looking forward to seeing what you come back with


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Aug 10, 2021
I'd recommend Dali menuets or the se version if your pockets are deep enough, you'll need a proper good amplifier to get the best from them though, Exposure 2010(used) or the newer 2510 would be ideal.


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I think the 150's would be perfect for me - but their depth means the bass port will only be 2-3 inches from the wall - would this be catastophic?
Stick a sock in it - literally! You'd have to try it, but a nice old pair of woollen socks, one sock in each port, will help. That should help reduce bass reverb.


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