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Jun 25, 2009
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dropped in on a few threads recently about how I ended up
downsizing/downgrading my old system and swapping to a Naim Uniti and the Fact
8’s. I thought I’d write a few words about that journey for anyone who
might be interested.

heart of my old system was DNM amplification; a 3C Six pre amp and PA2B
monoblocs. I purchased these directly from Denis Morecroft and was lucky
enough to spend time at his home where he allowed me an extended demo and
talked passionately about the engineering principles behind his designs.

sound these little acrylic boxes make is nothing short of staggering – they are
so clean and fast (without being at all bright) everything else you listen to
after that sounds like it’s stuck in treacle. I’d read and heard a lot
about DNM and they certainly lived up to the hype. They remain the best
amplification system I’ve ever heard.

downside of the DNM amps was a simple one – it comprised of six boxes.
Coupled to the Naim DAC and Olive 4HD front end I was awash with boxes, power
cables, interconnects, speaker cables and racks (carrying the Harbeth P3ESR’s I
had at the time). I could literally not accommodate the system in my main
living space and it was housed in one of the spare room’s in my house.
While this afforded its own benefits from a set up point of view, I was making
hardly any use of it. In a way, I almost came to resent using it.

‘final straw’ that convinced me to have a complete overhaul (and re-think not
only my system but also they way in which I listened to my music) was
frustration with the Olive. Don’t get me wrong, nice idea, well put
together, sounded great – but I just couldn’t get on with the UI and

considered a number of possibilities to reduce the box count (my primary
objective). The Devialet D Premier was high on the list (before I had to
buy my now ex-girlfriend out of the house!) but I would still have needed a
front end to feed it (another box or two).

the end I decided to (re) rip all of my CD’s to a Synology NAS drive using
dBpoweramp. I’d also be able to drop the hi-def files onto the drive too
– the ability to manage and play back this content was important to maintain.
I figured that if I wanted to achieve my primary objective I was looking for a
single-box solution – one mains lead, a network connection and speaker cables;
you can’t get simpler than that.

Uniti was the ‘obvious’ candidate given my previous experience with their
DAC. I traded in all my kit and within a few weeks had the Uniti and the
PMC’s running in my living room. The iStream app is a delight to use but
the really interesting thing (to me anyway!) is how my listening habits and ‘feeling’
towards the system have changed.

simple act of bringing the system into my main living space means I’m using it
far more frequently than I ever used to and I’m listening to albums I probably
haven’t played in years. While the Uniti and PMC’s can’t match the
quality of my old system I am more than happy to suffer that loss (and it is
only minor) the benefits of a useable, user friendly and simple system more
than outweigh the negatives.

win notwithstanding, I can’t see any real reason to go back to a multi-box



I also enjoyed, thanks for sharing.

Cutting down on boxes was something I can relate to although admittedly not to the same extent.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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The Uniti's a cracking little box, and I can understand why people are giving up separates to move over to more convenient boxes like it. This type of thing will only become ore popular in the future. I can't say it's something I'd personally do though, as I like a few boxes to show a bit of value :)


I did something simlar approx 3 years ago, and am now in the process of reversing that!

I moved from Ldn to Singapore and it was a good a time as any to offload multiple Cyrus boxes (CDT, DAC-X, Pre, Mono X) all on a Hark rack, driving Dynaudio 72SEs.

I switched to an iMac + AVI ADM9.1 + sub which is as minimal as it comes I guess.

However Ive recently moved to NY and now am looking to build out of this set up. Ive just bought a Bel Canto DAC2.5 (great DAC) and am hooking up by BD player, set top box and of course, aforementined iMac. At the moment this is feeding the analogue ins on the ADM9's. Early next year Im looking to add some beefy amplification (thinking Bryston, or even D-Class ref Bel Canto's) and some floorstanders that lap up current, hopefully doing away with the sub.

Im also going to get a Bel Canto CD3T transport, as since using the iMac as a source, it's just not the same as physically browsing my collection and picking one out and reading the sleeve whilst I enjoy...


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Jun 25, 2009
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chebby said:
Did you try the Harbeths with the NaimUniti? Or were they just an 'expediency' whilst the system was consigned to a small room?

I did Chebby but only very briefly. At the time, they were much more than an expediency and I had planned on keeping them for a long time but things change (if you catch my drift) and tonally they worked well together, they couldn't quite drive the larger space.

I am now looking at putting a small system into my bedroom (probably a UnitiQute) and I find myself wishing I had held on to those wonderful little boxes!


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