Surround Upgrade


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Aug 10, 2019
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Looking for a bit of help, here's the current set-up.

Power Amp - Rotel RB991

Pre Amp - AudioLab 8000C

Surround - Sony SDP300 surround processor.

Obviously the weak link here is the surround processor, which to be frank isn't that great. I've been looking at the Onkyo TX-SR 605 or the Sony STR-DA1200ES, but they don't appear to do pre-out for the front which I'd rather keep powering with the pre/power combination for better music enjoyment than is likely from the Surround Amp. My budget is around £400, so does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.


Well to answer my own question, the Sony does do pre-out so this would seem the one to go for. Only problem is that it's a discontinued model now, according to the local Sony Centre, and a replacement is due at the start of May, the STR-DA2400ES. Spec seems quite similar to the 1200, but does better HDMI sound handling and should have 4 HDMI in and 1 out, but at £500 rrp.


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