Suggestions for new speakers and dab tuner

Ben C

Jan 23, 2021
Hi all, I am trying to get my old system back in action, but even after researching info online I’m still unsure I will make the best decisions!
I have an old Kenwood KA-3020 SE amp and am looking to buy some decent speakers that suit the amp and also a DAB radio tuner.

I used to have mission 733’s back in the day and some mid range AE’s, however my young son dealt with the missions a few years ago by putting pencils through the cones and blown an AE speaker turning them up too loud. I don’t think we need anything as big now, just a good sound.

looked at Q acoustics 3020i’s and Dalis. Got between £200 & £300 for the speakers and max £200 for tuner, however ideally closer to £100 if possible?

Any ideas and suggestions would be welcomed. Also, please say if better to start again with a new set up, as probably won’t be buying again for a good while.
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Jan 18, 2021
Dali Spektors and the Q Acoustics get good reviews as small bookshelf speakers. Consider Elac Debut 2 series too which is in your price range. You'd have trouble getting any new DAB separates tuner now but they crop up used on ebay in that price range. I'd respectfully suggest however, given the age of the amp, that you consider getting a receiver such as one of the Yamahas which measure and review well. Peter Tyson have the Yamaha R-N303D on offer at the moment for £300 which will do bluetooth, wired and wifi streaming as well as having a DAB tuner. There are several other Yamahas higher up in this range if you can be tempted. Peter Tyson have the Elacs and Q 3020is on offer too so you could get the Yamaha N303D and speakers for your top end budget or not a lot more.