sudenlly tweeters went out on B&W 683 ????


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Aug 10, 2019
hi to everybody,it was small home party (new flat reason, crew 47 years average, total 30 ) living rome cca. 25 m2.Gear: notebook, AIMP3 player, all music on mp3, Rotel 06 se, B&W 683(one week old).Line out from headphones of notebook' to tuner in (noted after party). Starts playing at 22 on volume beetwen 12 and 12,10 clock. After one hour and 45 min. sudenlly the both tveeters in the same second, went out...?????....We had several gays who is hi-fi funs (including me: two rotels rb-06 bridged, rc-06, marantz5003, jbl studio190, chopin marilin interconects, qed anniverserry tx cables, project debute 3..) having big brake conversation after fiasco....where we were wrong about all setap and.....?Thr rotel has only 70w per chanel and the recomended aplification on B&W is 25-150w. After this party i will reconsider all my knowledge about hi-fi....i still can't realised where we made mistake.i will apriciate any logocal and technical based infos, pleasegreat rega4ds from macedonia

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
Most amplifiers are kicking out their comfortable maximum at around the 12 o'clock position. After that point, you may be sending distortion on to the speaker, which they don't like. An extended period of time doing this may just have been too much for the B&W's HF units. If your amp was a 100wpc or 150wpc design, it is less likely it would've happened.


tehanks vm mate for time and efforts,

...seems to me that B&W are to much sensitive speakers....any way...!

how it works the warannty issue in GB in this kind of situation...???????????



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