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the relatively expensive Bluenode seems largely redundant beyond its app.
Absolutely, that's what I've been preaching for months!

And.... hold your horses on the Chord Qutest. Try an ifi Zen One signature. Apart from being a great DAC it has an excellent bluetooth receiver. You could save yourself quite a lot compared to a Qutest. Available with no fuss 30 day return policy.


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Nov 2, 2022
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Thanks for the thread. Lovely set up. Just reading now as I am very close to investing in the Qutest myself. I have Wiim mini (£80) which is lossless and hi res and has a very decent app by which to use Qobuz. It has a cheap DAC that I have never listened to. I have an Arcam Rdac for the time being. The point I wish to make is that if you have a very high quality DAC like the Qutest then the relatively expensive Bluenode seems largely redundant beyond its app.

Thanks for the kind words (y)
I can thoroughly recommend the Qutest, it has definitely lived up to my expectations and the positive reviews. Peter Tyson had a couple of ‘nearly new’ ones for £999 so saving on rrp, which might still be available if purchasing soon.

Re the BSNode - I’ve read a lot of varying opinion about how much difference the transport/source makes and although I suscribe to the DAC making the larger difference ethos, the BSNode felt like it occupied an appropriate space cost wise compared to the rest of my system and isn’t too cheap but not too expensive either. I was happy to pay the price and like the simplicity of the app. The Aries G1 I mentioned earlier in the thread would seem to be a step up again from the BSNode, which would be interesting to compare between the two sometime. Although for now I’m happy with the significant step up from where I came from (Sonos Connect & Chord Mojo) to the Node & Qutest.

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