Stereo Speaker Switch for use with Stereo & AVR Amps?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Is there is switch I can buy which will allow me to listen to my Stereo Speakers through either my Stereo amp or something like a Denon AVR 1508 when using a Denon DVD 1940? In other words I don't want to buy new speakers for an AVR thus keeping my existing ones for use with both my Stereo and AVR amps.

I will probaly also add a Centre Speaker to the AVR for clearer Speech


Connect your stereo speakers to your stereo amp, then connect the Main L/R preouts on the AVR to any line level input on the stereo amp. When you want stereo, you carry on as before. When you want AV you switch your stereo amp the input you chose and turn the volume up to about 12 o'clock (you'll need to fine tune this to get the speaker volumes matching), and then use your AVR as normal.

No switch required.


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