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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello everyone. I need some help.

My old Sony Micro System finally died a lingering death last week and i have decided to invest in a 'proper system'. Unforuntately i have little-to-no knowledge of such things, i just know what i know sounds good.

Soo, where do i start? I have decided on firstly acquiring an amp and a cd player. (though not essential i would also quite like a dab intergrated into the cd player) but, as i said, not a priority. Budget- i'm only starting out but willing to go somewhere in the region of £250-300 for each.

I think that chap john green started a similar thread but i decided to start my own, and hoped to escape this NAD argument.

I have decided to use my old speakers from the sony hifi on a temporary basis while im putting some more money together to invest in some wickidcool floorstanding types. that may be another thread alltogether.

hope you all can find some time to give me some advice.



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Feb 27, 2008
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Hi Ben,

My advice to you is to get yourself down to your local Richer Sounds and audition some equipment to whet your appetite.

If they don't have a demo room then find somewhere that does.

Consider your listening room dimensions when you go and take some of your favourite CD's/ tapes/ vinyl with you. Be sure to take some sounds that will really test the system - puchy bass, high end vocals etc.

Once that's done start shopping around for the best prices.

Be sure to audition before you buy and do lots of research on the product - reader review etc.

Check out my post on "Keep or Ditch" blog



also search this forum.............. you'll learn loads very quickly!


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