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Speakers for Quad Artera Solus


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Dec 21, 2009
I have a Quad Artera Solus and Mission 782Se floorstanders which are 17 years old.
I have an itch to replace the Missions, but cannot decide What to go for.

My room is fairly small , 15ft x 12ft and speaker positioning is a big issue.
both have to be fairly close to the wall and one is in a corner. Not ideal.!!

I am not sure wether to go for floor standers again or stand mounts.

The missions are quite good for lower frequencies but can be a bit boomy on some music.

before the Missions I had a pair of Kan Mk 1s which were amazing but with limited bass.

I have been looking at Rega RX3, ProAc Tablette Signatures.
Quite different speakers from what I read.

Has anyone any ideas please

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In your case I would plump for standmounts and something they doesn't mind being placed close to a rear wall.
Do you still have speaker stands or would they have to be purchased as well?
What is your maximum budget?

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My budget around £1600 for the speakers plus whatever needed for the stands
Ok that's a goodly amount. Decent stands are a must. Think along the lines of Atacama or Partington.
It may be a bit obvious but have you considered Quads own Z range of speakers.
If you don't mind a big sealed-box type speaker then I would suggest the Arcaydis EB2s might be worth a look.
Or indeed the Wharfdale Evo 4.2

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Thanks, I’ll take a look at your suggestions
Just a question, are the speakers placed along the 12ft wall or the 15ft, how much room behind the speakers can you give?
Sorry, that's two questions.
The reason I suggested those Arcaydis was because I have the original EB Acoustics EB2 and use them in my bedroom that is roughly the same dimensions as your room without the corner and they are brilliant, many thought they were better than ATC SCM11 and easier to drive.
They are also a lot less than your maximum budget and you'll have to spend a bit more to better them.
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