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Question Speakers for Marantz PM & CD6007's


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Apr 10, 2008
For reasons no one's interested in I've not had a hifi system for a while & had to make do with one box systems. I'm now in a position to dip my toes back in and with my budget thinking of the new Marantz amp & cd package.

My question is what price range for speakers should I be looking at? Do I need to be budgeting as similar amount as the amp/cd, ie £400 for speakers or would something like the Dali 1 or 2 or the newer Q Acoustics (3020i) both ~£200 be compatible?

Or any other suggestions, my speakers would need to be physically small if possible due to space limitations hence why I was thinking the Dali/Q models.



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Feb 15, 2009
The models you suggest, up to around £800 a pair would potentially be a good match. Often they get larger with greater cost, but some are compact yet costly.
If you are in the UK, Richer Sounds often bundle speakers with these Marantz 600x ranges, with a nice discount, but the 7 models are brand new so you may have to wait a few weeks for these to be available.
The QA are a bit smoother sounding than the small Dalis to my ears, so try to hear a few. And take a tape measure, because the QA are quite deep.


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May 1, 2008
The new 6007 components, by WHF‘s review, seem a bit brighter than previous models.

If you have the space, I’d go whole hog and try the QA3030i immediately. You’d simply be getting better scale and power.

Or the new Wharfedale as AI suggested.


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Nov 23, 2007
I have found Dali to be a very strong match with Marantz amplifiers. I used to have CD6004/PM6004 with Lektor 2s and it was one of the more musically enjoyable systems I have owned.

Wharfedale is also a proven match with Marantz so I'd agree that the new Diamond 12.1s are well worth a look. I would also suggest considering the Wharfedale Heritage Denton 85s, based on my experience with the Linton 85s.


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Nov 23, 2007
I can move my recommendation on now, as I've heard the 6007 CD and amp with the B&W 606s. The combination is quite wonderful and creates a beautiful sense of intimacy whilst also being able to punch with quality when its required. The PM6007/B&W 606 combination is also exceptionally good at low volumes (in case that's a consideration as it is for me). If you can't accommodate the size of the 606s, the smaller 607s would be well worth a listen. I don't detect any excess brightness at all, and it's something I'm quite sensitive to.

The other electronics worth exploring are the new Rotel CD11 Tribute and A11 Tribute. I'm building two systems - one using the Marantz combination, and the other using the Rotels. It will take me a while to decide which will end up in the lounge, and which will go in the bedroom. I've haven't yet got the CD11 Tribute as they are on back order, so I can only comment on the amp so far. Having heard both this and the PM6007 with the CD6007 and B&W 606s, I'd say they are both superb. The Rotel punches slightly harder but remains balanced. The Marantz offers blacker backgrounds, which I think helps the intimacy of quieter passages and acoustic music, and it has a touch more warmth. It comes down to whether you want the balance to lean slightly in favour of attack/excitement or subtlety and warmth, and it is really only a lean rather than being a case of opposite ends of the spectrum. Both are extremely capable amplifiers. Part of my reason for having both is for those times when I want to hear a slightly different take on things. I'm looking forward to being able to hear the Rotel CD player, but that may be a little way off.

There are differences in features too. Although the Rotel has aptX Bluetooth, it does not offer any optical or coaxial digital inputs. The Marantz offers both.
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Al ears

It seems to be the way of many current manufacturers to include a DAC module in everything, thankfully Rotel are different in this regard.
I understand that the most amplifiers may not be bought and matched to a CD player from the same manufacturer paying out extra for, often, the same DAC in both devices just seems wrong to me.
Perhaps Audiolab have the right idea to stick a DAC module in the amplifier then make a CD transport to match with it or a separate CD player for those that simply want to as CD P to their existing set-up.



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