Speaker wiring


Aug 4, 2022
Hi, I currently have an amp with four outputs to each speaker - HF red, LF red, HF black and LF black. I want to try a set of new speakers that only have two terminals. Can I therefore just combine the two HF/LF Blacks together into one wire and do the same with the reds and connect these to the two terminals on the new speakers?


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And if you can’t post a picture, be specific about the amp and speaker make and model.

In most cases it sounds like you’re probably moving from bi-wiring* to normal wiring, but certain amps like Linn or Naim might be different.

*search if you’re not sure what that is.

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He says it is, would be interesting to find out which amp it is if that's correct
Yes, most unlikely to be the case for him 👍
(I've got an internally bi-amped Technics, albeit part of a mini system, where the pairs are actually giving out HF and LF separately - so no using single pair cable, or pairing up the terminals with that).


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