Speaker wire length query.


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Oct 24, 2009
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Hi fellas,

I'm buying new speaker wires 12 awg for my HT setup. I don't remember where but i read that the front 3 speaker wire lengths should be identical. I forgot why.

So this got me concluding that for sure even the Side and Back surround wire lengths should be identical.

Though due to the placement of my setup the right side surround which is furthest needs about 45ft. So i plan to keep the left surround and back surrounds also at 45ft length.

However my Fronts need only 27ft.

So i was wondering if i should make the fronts also 45ft and hence keep all 7 speakers wire length identical or is it ok to go for Fronts @ 27ft and Surrounds @ 45ft ?

Any thoughts and help will be appreciated.... :)Thanks,



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Oct 16, 2008
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Don't worry about it, there's a theoretical reason why they should be the same length, involving the impedance of the cable runs but in practice you won't notice any difference, especially with the rears and surrounds. If it makes you feel better to have the front three the same length then do that but definitely not for the surrounds.

John Duncan

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I wouldn't worry about it from a sound point of view, but an amp might detect an impedance imbalance and shut down because of it*. That said, start with the right lengths and only change to longer ones if there's a problem.

Nice medium-sized room you have there btw...:-D

* note that the difference in your wire lengths is quite big so it's a possibility


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