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speaker quest conclution


New member
Oct 9, 2011

i hope i can end my quest of new speakers by concluding this, and letting you be judg if that's right.

i want and auditioned dali zensor's an ma bx2 (bx5 or 7 present) and quad 11L.

before my visit i was suprised by the review of dali and MA, but there it didn't do much to me, vocals and instrument were mixed together, no seperation at all, the punch was there with the bx floorstanders, but again, the vocals were in the background. when i tried the quad 11L, music was open and detailed,

but what have read about the quad's, they need a powerfull amp, is my marantz pm6004 enough? or should i by a external power amp for bi wire use?

i hope i can close this chapter for couple of years in my life :p


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Jul 14, 2010
The Quad 11L have a sensitivity of 87dB and a nominal impedance of 6 Ω with a minimal impedance of 4.2 Ω which makes them harder to drive than most speakers. I expect your Marantz PM6004 would probably cope fine so long as to don't want to listen at high volume levels.

To be on the safe side I suggest that you should try and listen to them both together first to see how they sound. Maybe you could take your amplifier to the shop and have a listen there or even better if the shop will let you loan the speakers so you can have a listen to them at home.



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