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Jan 7, 2022
Hello Forum,

I've got a question regarding a new set-up I would like to invest in.

I recently moved to a larger house with a dedicated living room. My budget got higher, so I would like to invest in new Hi-fi hardware.

I already got a Rega P2 turntable including a pre-amp from Rega. Now I would like to buy a new multiroom system with quality speakers. I don't want to have those big towers in my living room. So I decided to go for somewhat smaller and more design speakers.

That's how I ended up with the KEF speakers. The LS50 wireless II speakers are nice to see, and good of quality. Unfortunately KEF don't have a multiroom system. For what I've learned right now is that it isn't posisble stream the same music to other rooms. Together with a decent subwoofer, the sound will be excellent.

To get a more multiroom system, I can go for the Bluesound environment using the bluesound powernode N330. It's possible to get the beautyfull LS50 meta (wired) speakers working on this system. Adding a subwoofer will match my criteria for the multiroom system.

I'm wondering what your experience is with the LS50 wireless II and LS50 meta in combination with the bluesound powernode N330.

In the future I may want to upgrade to surround system as well. i think that's possible with the powernode, and not with the KEF LS50 wireless. Am I right?

With regard to the price of both systems, I think the price is somewhat the same. That's why I'm asking what your experience and thoughts are with both set-ups.

EDIT: for me it's also mandatory to have eARC input for the television. This makes it much easier with adjusting the volume during when watching youtube or spotify on the television. Both systems have eARC, so that's no concern at this moment.

Captain Haddock

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Mar 4, 2022
I would suggest a Bluesound Powernode (model 2021). It has eARC.
Pair it off with Kef LS50Meta speakers.
The Powernode sounds far better than my NAD D7050 amp with the same speakers, Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2.
Maybe I will purchase the Kef LS50Meta speakers to replace my B&W speakers, but for now I enjoy the new sound.

I don't know if you are able to make this set a surround system. I heard that the KEF LS50 wireless don't sound as good as the Kef LS50Meta speakers. But this is very personal off course.
You might experiment with Airplay or other systems you can use to connect other speakers to your system. I noticed that in the BlueOS app the Sonos environment is recognized.


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