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speaker advice


New member
Dec 31, 2015
hello everyone i was looking for some advice on speakers. at the moment i have cambrige 351a and 351 c and i have the tv through the amp to but the speakers are older and are mordaunt short ms5.3 on stands they still sound ok but can i inprove on these with new standmounts up to 300 pounds anyone know how good the specs are on the mordaunts and can they be bettered for 300 pounds many thanks mally


Well-known member
Apr 30, 2012
Hi. I have no experience with your speakers, but I heard your amp and cd player. It did sound a bit rought to me (a bit bright), so Wharfedale Diamond 220 should pair it just nicely, and they work good close to a wall. If you like a brighter presentation and can give them some room, you could audition Dali Zensor 3. I recently auditioned the 220 and Zensor 1, and I prefered the Wharfedales with both Nad C326 and Marantz PM6005. But to your ears, something else might sound better, so you audition if you can (preferably in your home; if not, take your amp with you, but keep in mind that the room you're in matters as much as a component itself).